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  • CIBC Terry Fox

This project was a full, new build including the base building and tenant improvement. The job saw many complications from the beginning, requiring plentiful and effective communication between RoJo and BJC, CIBC, and HOK in order to solve a wide range of issues.

Two of the biggest issues caused a six-week delay to the project, causing the completion date to be dangerously nearing the client’s fiscal year end (causing the client great concern over scheduling). However, due to RoJo’s ability to adapt and be flexible under challenging restrictions. RoJo was further required to reassess the construction schedule following the major delay, in order to convince the clients that the new branch would be delivered by CIBC’s fiscal year end.

The CIBC Terry Fox project was the first new build with CIBC’s new design concept, including ACM panels, red insulated glass panels and special ceiling element within the branch. The building was completed successfully and is a beautiful example of the new design building CIBC will be rolling out.

Contractor’s Key Staff:
Nicolas Rooney, Construction Manager
Kyle Pelletier, Project Manager
Robert Roose, Site Supervisor
Jenn Quinn, Contract Administration

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