Costco North Mississauga

  • Costco North Mississauga
  • Costco North Mississauga
  • Costco North Mississauga
  • Costco North Mississauga

This was a very unique demolition project where we were tasked with removing a 20,000 sqft second story above a Costco that was previously used for office space. The second story was built as an addition on top of the existing store and was removed in the same manor. Extreme caution and creative problem solving were used to eliminate risk to the customer’s and their property while keeping a reasonable schedule. The store below the demolition project was in full operation during this demolition causing a lot of the project to be performed off the regular hours.

Location – 5900 Rodeo Drive, North Mississauga, Ontario
Building Owner – Costco Wholesale Canada
Contractor’s Key Staff
Year – 2015
Mulvanny G2 Architecture

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