RoJo Construction believes in creating an environment that suits the needs of each client. By developing a plan that suits the individual’s needs, the company ensures the clients happiness and the return to RoJo with future projects.

Why Hire Us

We understand the importance of maintaining your business’ daily operations while undertaking the required tasks to update your business to keep it current and competitive.  We at RoJo Construction pride ourselves on the ability to finish tasks safely and on time.

Before starting the job, we will:

  • Work with you to develop a plan, budget, and schedule to suit the client’s needs,
  • Be sensitive to the environment you envision.

Throughout the job, we will:

  • Have weekly meetings with you to go over changes to the plan, difficulties, or issues requiring attention,
  • Keep contract correspondence up to date,
  • Keep you in touch with their project,
  • Work with you to maintain transparency with the budget.

Upon finishing the job:

  • Deliver the product you envisioned
  • Follow up with all, if any, deficiencies.